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Bad Days

Once again I find myself at your feet. Begging you to forgive me for abandoning you. It's not that I haven't tried, for the past two weeks I've created draft upon draft, different subjects, different themes... But none have been able to push through. You see, I've hit that slump. Yes, that one. The one… Continue reading Bad Days

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You’re Not Alone: 30/31 Days of Blogging Challenge

When I was 11, I had my first holiday romance. It was beyond cheesy, but for two weeks we were the best of friends. We would hold hands around the resort and would push each other in the pool. In the evening, we played snooker and sipped on fruit juice mocktails. Then, at the end… Continue reading You’re Not Alone: 30/31 Days of Blogging Challenge

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What Does My Future Hold?: 26/31 Days of Blogging Challenge

I was one of those girls. With a scrapbook of big white weddings, huge homes with miles of land, baby pictures surrounded by some of my favourite names. I would start dating a guy and it was almost like a countdown of how long I could last before asking them about their opinions on getting… Continue reading What Does My Future Hold?: 26/31 Days of Blogging Challenge

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I Can’t Breathe

Panic attacks. They take over your mind and your body, wrapping around you tighter and tighter until you feel suffocated and can’t breathe. It’s a similar feeling to when I was a kid and I was swimming in a river. My foot got tangled in some seaweed and was holding me back. As I tried… Continue reading I Can’t Breathe

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The Books That Made Us Readers.

I was one of the lucky kids. My parents would both sit in my room before I went to bed, one on the rocking chair, and one next to me in bed, and they would read to me. They read me wonderful books filled with all sorts of magic and drama that made me the… Continue reading The Books That Made Us Readers.

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The Pros and Cons of a Creative Writing Degree

"Creative Writing? You mean English...Right?"   "Creative Writing? Is that a module you're doing for your Literature degree?" "Creative Writing? So...Do you want to be a librarian?" "Creative Writing? What a waste of three years!" If you have ever entered, or even considered entering into a Creative Writing degree, I can guarantee you have heard… Continue reading The Pros and Cons of a Creative Writing Degree

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Tweeting For Twits

Posting for the second day in a row?! Am I okay?! #Sendhelpithinkimawriter! WELCOME BACK MY LOVELIES! Did you miss me? If you follow my Twitter account @NP_Brittain I'll be very surprised if you've had the time to miss me! As you may have noticed, the past 24 hours has become a slight writing spam from Facebook and… Continue reading Tweeting For Twits

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Welcome To The Real World

University is officially over! So pleased to announce that despite all the tears and tantrums, I will be graduating with a 2:1 (Second Upper Class) Creative Writing Degree in October. The past four months since my first post have been a whirlwind of emotions from saying goodbye to many incredible people, moving to a completely new… Continue reading Welcome To The Real World

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Post-University Life

I handed in my final project/dissertation/ECP the other day and that felt as good a time as any to start a blog.