A Circle of Roots – Original Poem
The body has history
roots you may say,
like the roots of a tree
entwined where he lay.

Here lies the body,
the bones of a man,
who once stood in battle
now lays where I stand.

He is part of the earth,
an earth he once saved;
now he’s down in the ground
a ground we’ve now paved.

They stay in our hearts
a bit in our mind
but when it comes to the earth
we’re so much less kind.

He made us a world
to love, keep and cherish,
yet long since he died
it’s been burnt, scorched and perished.

But say goodnight to our soldier,
his story rings true
you fight till the end

and in the end, nature’s you.


I wrote this poem back in September 2015, on a walk through the local graveyard to get to my environment class. I noticed a tree had been cut down, the roots still sticking out the ground. The roots had disturbed an old gravestone to the point of me no longer being able to read it; however, I noticed it was in an area populated with soldiers graves. This is where my thought train ended up. I’m not really sure what classifies as a ‘good’ poem anymore, but I was really quite proud of this. It’s simple but it has a meaning. I really wanted to share it with you all.

Let me know what you think of it.