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3 Weeks To Go! |My One-Way Adventure!

It still doesn't feel real. Despite having my visa's sorted, my luggage bought, my packing list written and slowly starting to take place, it still doesn't feel like I'm about to leave England. I suppose it was the same when I was going to Winchester for University; not till I was placing my boxes in… Continue reading 3 Weeks To Go! |My One-Way Adventure!

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We all have those memories. Scattered, yet highly vivid images in your brain that make you sound crazy when attempting to explain them to another person. Other people will shake your head and tell you that what you're remembering was probably just a dream. This happens particularly often when you're a writer and everyone around… Continue reading I FOUND THE MISSING MOVIE!

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Dream Diary: Attack of The Flying Hippo’s

The sun rose over the houses and began to poke it's way through my blinds, jabbing me awake. I rolled over in an attempt to get comfy but no matter how hard I tried my limbs felt like they were being twisted in every direction. I lay back in my mound of pillows, staring at… Continue reading Dream Diary: Attack of The Flying Hippo’s

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What’s In A Name?

Parchment and Pencils was never meant to be anything more than it's first post. A university assignment that was set to help us find our way after our third year had finished. That assignment became Post-University Life. Every so often over the following 9 months. I occasionally felt the need to post something else. Sometimes related… Continue reading What’s In A Name?

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Finding Positivity

Stand up and open a window. Or even better, go outside! Close your eyes and take in a long, deep breath. Think of the last thing that made you smile or laugh. Feel the wind on your skin and tilt your head up to the sky and just let go.

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How To Live A Perfect Life

What is your idea of perfection? For me, I imagine a beautiful house with a porch. Surrounded by a lake and hundreds of trees with soft grass, scattered with poppies and tulips. I would have a porch swing I could curl up on in the evenings with a book while my partner sat across from… Continue reading How To Live A Perfect Life

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Freshers Book Review

For the first time in ages, I sat down and read more than a chapter in one sitting. I think that is something we need to acknowledge here because I'm pretty proud of that fact! I've been in such a reading rut since uni and honestly have missed just sitting down and curling up with a… Continue reading Freshers Book Review

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Life Plans: The Desire, The Disapline, and The Down-right Disasters

"We're all in the same boat" Being in your early 20's sucks. We can't help but feel so much is expected of us when it comes to having our lives together. We are in an awkward transition of adolescence. We are no longer considered teens yet we're not being considered adults yet either. You can't… Continue reading Life Plans: The Desire, The Disapline, and The Down-right Disasters

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Bad Days

Once again I find myself at your feet. Begging you to forgive me for abandoning you. It's not that I haven't tried, for the past two weeks I've created draft upon draft, different subjects, different themes... But none have been able to push through. You see, I've hit that slump. Yes, that one. The one… Continue reading Bad Days

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Why Do We Rush January?

The glitz, glamour, and grumpy grinches of December make the last month of the year fly by. We then face the crash landing of the new year. Returning to work, resolutions that make us break habits we've had for so long, leading to withdrawals, fears, and doubts. Every single December, my news feed is flooded with… Continue reading Why Do We Rush January?