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Fireworks and Speedboats: Chicago Travels!

Chicago! Chicagooooooo!

It’s a city that’s exciting! It’s a city that’s inviting

It’s a city for a woman just like me!

There’s a lake they call Lake Michigan!

I think I’m really fitting in!

This city is my perfect cup of Teaaaaaaaaaaa!

Chicago! Chicagooooooooooooo!

45355425_1380826092059469_753985198189707264_nDragging along bags bigger than our bodies, with grins plastered on our faces, Nick, Mercedes, and I trudged along to the train station chatting with excitement. After some debate over whether we should be getting on the train getting ready to leave the platform, we boarded and began our journey into Chicago ready to celebrate 4th July!

We were joined by several other members of our camp staff in the Air B&B apartment we had booked to stay in from the 3rd to the 6th of July and quickly began exploring the apartment. Our first evening was a lot of fun just letting go of any steam built up over the past couple of weeks at camp. The next day we were surprisingly fresh from our lack 45204929_279404729596074_6145333249720713216_nof sleep and after a pit stop at Dunkin Donuts for Coffee and breakfast, we set out to roam the city. Many of the staff had visited Chicago several times, so I spent the first few hours wandering the shops with them (while exhibiting extreme restraint as we walked through Sephora!) before I began to yearn to explore the streets around me.

Luckily, I wasn’t the only one who was new to the city so I was joined for my adventure by Nick who is far better at planning ahead than I am and knew exactly where we 45263826_839931229731882_7031512103852703744_nshould start our exploration. We wandered down street after street. Me taking photos and Nick vlogging every step of the way. Eventually, we found ourselves at Navy Pier and after a lot of talk over which boat we should buy, we decided to cool down from the heat by boarding the Extreme Speedboat Thrill Ride! I’ll post Nick’s vlog of the day down below (just wait till you see my face once hit with a wave of freezing water!) We then spent a few more hours exploring the beaches and streets of Chicago before heading back to the apartment to meet up with the rest of our group and get ready for the 4th July fireworks!

Now for those of you who don’t know, my birthday is November 5th, which in the UK is Bonfire Night. Because of this, I am a biiiiiiiiiig fireworks fan! Now, its highly possible that I put a lot of pressure on these 10/20 minute displays, but I always expect them to be amazing and I’m sad to say that the Chicago fireworks didn’t live up to the expectations I held for them. I’ll admit, it could have had something to do with our distance, or maybe the woman that seemed so keen to keep standing in front of me no matter where I moved to, but there was just something that felt like a slight let down at the end of an amazing day.

We ended the night separated from our group as we rushed to get cover from a storm that suddenly erupted from the heaven’s above. After standing under a bridge for half an hour avoiding the torrential rain and attempting to contact the others through our crackling phone reception, Nick and I decided to brave the weather and head to the world famous Giordano’s pizza restaurant where we competed to see whose pizza had the longest cheese pull!

My first 4th July was a pretty long day full of a range of emotions but it was definitely an experience worth living! I plan to be in America again next 4th July so if you have any recommendations for other cities to experience, please post them in the comments below!



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