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Apparently I Drink Coffee Now?

coffee-cupAs my time at camp rolled around to an end, I feel as though I can finally say I feel like a real writer. No, not because I’ve been writing a lot here (cause…I totally have…I swear) but because I’m finally drinking coffee.

I’ve always been super anti-coffee. I hate the smell and the taste, and I especially hated the almost obnoxious talk about it being a lifeline for people. Yet, there was always something about it that intrigued me. There’s a major stereotype for writers to spend their free time in a coffee shop for hours on end. I still fulfilled that in a way, but my poison of choice was usually a hot chocolate or occasionally a chai tea latte. It’s stupid, but I always felt like a traitor to the writing world. I don’t even understand why it was an issue to me since I don’t like stereotypes. But oh well. We all know I have to make things dramatic!

Anyway, at the beginning of summer camp, innocent and naive, I was handed my first cup of coffee as I sleepily stumbled into the dining hall for breakfast. “Trust me, you’re guna need it.” I gagged as the bitter liquid touched my lips. “No thanks!” I handed it back only to have the mug pumped full of French vanilla creamer and handed back to me.

Slowly, as the weeks progressed and the bags under my eyes grew darker, I found myself forcing coffee down almost daily. Two weeks ago, main camp ended and as the rentals came in I was required less at work and my need for caffeine reduced…until the other day. I wandered into the dining hall for breakfast and wrinkled up my nose at the idea of food. “Is there coffee?” I found myself asking, hurrying over to the drink station, mug in hand. “I swear you don’t like coffee?” Laughing, I shrugged, I guess I do now?

I’ve learnt many things during my time here at camp (all of which I’ll go through soon) but I can safely say I didn’t think learning to be a coffee drinker would be one of them!

Anyway, as camp came to an end on Saturday and I’ve begun my travels, I’ll definitely start writing more regularly again- thanks so much for hanging around in the mean time! I’ve missed you all so much and sleepy me thought this was an easy way to jump back into writing!

Love always,

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