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2 Weeks To Go! | My One-Way Adventure!


The panic set in yesterday. “So much to do, so little time” is a phrase that suddenly became a reality for me. Don’t get me wrong, I think I can do it, it’s just a lot to process that I’m about to go away and not know when I’m coming back. I was saying to my cousin the other day that it’s insane to think that when I come back, her son who is currently 2 and a half months old will probably be walking with a few words when I come back. I think it just kinda set in how long I’m going to be gone.

I’m not going to be working for the next 2 weeks so I have time to pull myself together and, of course, I will be writing and planning blog posts to explain to you all how I’m preparing. These will include posts on packing and route planning, clearing out my room at home, how I saved money ft. money worries, plus my experiences getting my visa’s and my Americamp Orientation.

Today, I’m mostly focusing on the smaller things, I’m writing my checklists, researching the best sim cards and bank cards. I need to decide what to do with my phone in general. I currently have the iPhone 5S which is running slow and the screen is cracked. I feel like I need to have a new phone but can’t really afford to fork out for a new one and I can’t get a new contract as I won’t be able to use the tariff while abroad. I went to the Apple store yesterday and learnt about the iPhone Upgrade Program for which I could get the iPhone 8 for £37.95 a month with a £69 cost upfront. To be honest, I don’t think that cost is too bad for a brand new phone but then I would have to pay for my sim each month too which is going to be £25 a month and these costs just add up – especially when I’m already struggling with money. I’m thinking I may just have to pay for a screen repair and reset my phone.

Anyway…I have a lot to consider today. I also need to cancel my gym membership and get a final checkup at the doctor’s so I really should get going!






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