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Dream Diary: Attack of The Flying Hippo’s

The sun rose over the houses and began to poke it’s way through my blinds, jabbing me awake. I rolled over in an attempt to get comfy but no matter how hard I tried my limbs felt like they were being twisted in every direction. I lay back in my mound of pillows, staring at a peeling slither of tape on my ceiling when I heard a faint squeak from somewhere being me.

“Damn mouse!” I growled, pushing myself up and slamming my fist against the wall, hoping to scare off the tiny creature that appeared every so often in the walls of my bedroom.

Several further panicked noises drifted through from the direction of my window. Frowning, I twisted around and peeled back the blinds, gasping at a small, grey animal curled on the outside of my windowsill. Slowly, I pressed my face to the window to inspect the creature without scaring it. A rat maybe? Or some kind of hairless kitten? The creature locked eyes with me and make a small wheezing sound.

I gripped the handle and gingerly turned it round, unlocking the window. “Please don’t move, little guy.” I whispered as I carefully pushed open a gap big enough to slip my hand out and pick up the animal. I pulled him inside and wrapped him in my hoodie. His ears wiggled as he snuggled down inside my hood and I stroked the smooth skin on the top of his head.

“What are you?” I gazed in fascination at the kitten sized creature. I took in his appearance, nostrils and eyes rest at the top of his long jaw and his thick stumpy legs were folded under his body.

I gathered him up, layered in the warmth of my hoodie and carried him downstairs to my parents. “Hey guys…”I called, “there was some kind of animal on my windowsill. I think it might be hurt?”

“Ew! Is it a rat?!” My mum yelped. “Take it back outside, Nat!”

“No, I don’t think it is a rat…It almost looks like-“

“A hippo?” My dad stood over my shoulder frowning intensely and the creature in my arms.

“That’s not possible.” My mum stated as she got up to inspect the creature herself. “Even baby hippos would be bigger than that; besides, how would a hippo even get onto your windowsill?”

“I know it sounds bizarre, but look at it!” I laid the hoodie on the table and the creature stood up and wobbled forward before toppling back down.

The three of us crouched down and gazed at the wheezing animal who stared back with wide, black eyes.

“You’re right…” My mum murmured.

“It looks dehydrated.” My dad grabbed his pint of water from the table and dribbling it over the hippos back grinning and it squealed in delight.

“Maybe we should phone the zoo?” I questioned, “it could have been picked up by a bird or something?” I pulled out my mobile and quickly Googled the number for London Zoo.

“Hello?” Came a rather panicked voice down the line.

“Um hi?” I replied. “This is going to sound kinda odd but I think I’ve found a very tiny hippo and I’m not too sure what to do.”

“Is it the size of a newborn kitten?”

“Yes! Great it’s yours then? Did you want our-“

“Put it outside and leave the house!” The voice down the line interrupted me.

“What?! No way-“


The line went dead and I looked at my parents as they cooed over the tiny hippo as it rolled around in my hoodie.

“They said we need to put it outside and leave the house…” I said, jolting them out of their joy.

“What? Why?” They questioned, turning their attention to me.

“I don’t know but there was a lot of yelling.”

A tiny sneeze pulled our focus back to the hippo just in time to see a pair of wings pop out from it’s back.

“What the…” my dad gasped as we stumbled backwards into the wall.

The hippo stood and stretched it wings. His mouth opened wide as he yawned, showing off a line of sharp, white teeth. Suddenly, he reared back is head and screamed while projectile green vomit shot from his mouth covering our front room. Screaming, we ran into the hall, hearts pounding as we tried to process what had just happened.

A second scream, this time somewhere in the distance, rumbled through the house. We ran to the kitchen window just as a dark shadow covered the garden. Slowly, my dad pulled my mum and I backwards as a giant hippo, larger than our own house, flew into view, it’s eyes red and teeth dripping my blood.

I didn’t think I would be able to find a picture that captured my dream, but as usual, the internet surprised me! Source

Hope you enjoyed my very strange dream! I have to say I felt very confused when I woke up! I have a lot of strange dreams but can never decide whether to share them with you guys or not so be sure to let me know what you think!

Until next time!






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