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We all have those memories. Scattered, yet highly vivid images in your brain that make you sound crazy when attempting to explain them to another person. Other people will shake your head and tell you that what you're remembering was probably just a dream. This happens particularly often when you're a writer and everyone around… Continue reading I FOUND THE MISSING MOVIE!

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Dream Diary: Attack of The Flying Hippo’s

The sun rose over the houses and began to poke it's way through my blinds, jabbing me awake. I rolled over in an attempt to get comfy but no matter how hard I tried my limbs felt like they were being twisted in every direction. I lay back in my mound of pillows, staring at… Continue reading Dream Diary: Attack of The Flying Hippo’s

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What’s In A Name?

Parchment and Pencils was never meant to be anything more than it's first post. A university assignment that was set to help us find our way after our third year had finished. That assignment became Post-University Life. Every so often over the following 9 months. I occasionally felt the need to post something else. Sometimes related… Continue reading What’s In A Name?

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Finding Positivity

Stand up and open a window. Or even better, go outside! Close your eyes and take in a long, deep breath. Think of the last thing that made you smile or laugh. Feel the wind on your skin and tilt your head up to the sky and just let go.