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Why Do We Rush January?

The glitz, glamour, and grumpy grinches of December make the last month of the year fly by. We then face the crash landing of the new year. Returning to work, resolutions that make us break habits we’ve had for so long, leading to withdrawals, fears, and doubts.

48BBC56C00000578-5330413-image-a-23_1517328303706Every single December, my news feed is flooded with people saying it’s been a bad year and they can’t wait to be over. Every January, the feed for the first half of the month becomes a mixture of “new year, new me”, and “I’m not changing for anyone.” The second half of the month is usually people moaning about how slow time is going.

I know a lot of people try Dry January in an attempt to sober up and lose the pesky weight they gained over the Christmas month. There is also the fact that a lot of people are pretty broke after all the presents, food and drinks they’ve been buying. Plus people are usually paid early in December which leads to a stretch of money over the first month of the year. The rest of the year is usually people announcing in shock that they can’t believe we are already this far into the year.

Us humans seem to be so obsessed with time and how it is always going either too fast or too slow. We moan when we waste time doing nothing and we moan about how we don’t have enough time to do anything at the same moment.

For me, personally, January went far too quickly. I knew my chances of being employed during this month were very slim so I wanted to really kick off my novel writing but I hardly touched it because I was too busy doing something else.  The first few weeks of the month, while everyone complained about how slow time was going, I could feel myself getting more and more agitated. It was playing on my mind how little time I have before I go traveling and how I still had to go through all my stuff from the move. I was also thinking about how I had still hadn’t written any more of my novel and how I knew I wouldn’t have as much of an opportunity once I started to work.

The last week of January was the slowest and I was starting to understand what everyone had been complaining about. I had fully moved away from Winchester and had completed an interview I was fairly convinced I would be successful at. This led to the last week being a waiting game. I began to slip into a routine of waking up and dragging myself to the gym, coming home and knowing I had the time to work on my novel but also thinking how nice it was that after two months of constant moving, I could finally take a break.

I get the impression that people see January as a competitive month. We are all suddenly competing – whether we mean to or not – over who has lost how much weight and gone to the gym however many times. We talk about how long we’ve gone without giving into a bad habit we’ve cut out of our lives. We even seem to be competitive over NOT doing well!

“I gave up on dry January 1 week in!”

“Honey, I didn’t even make it 1 DAY in!”

I believe part of the reason everyone hates January is because they feel like they have to improve themselves since that’s the illusion everyone around them is giving off. Even if they decide that they’re not going to do anything different, with everyone around them complaining and competing, it makes for a very miserable month!

Maybe you have a different reason though? What makes you wish January was over faster?




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