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January Review: 31/31 Days of Blogging Challenge

Wow. This is it! The final day of the 31 Days of Blogging Challenge has approached us and SOMEHOW I managed to keep to it! Several times I felt like I wanted to give up but when I think about how well it’s gone I’m so happy I didn’t.

stats mapstats for jan

As you can see, I completely smashed the views I got in the whole of last year. In fact, I had done this by half way through the month which is AWESOME! Also, my Twitter followers have more than doubled in the past month starting at around 112 and currently at 268! @NP_Brittain

I’ve been nominated for 3 blogging awards The Sunshine Blogger Award which I’ve already written for, but also The Versatile Blogger Award and The Leibster Award, both of which I’m still yet to write! These awards have led me to finding a wonderful group of bloggers and creating a (very busy!) group chat full of support and plenty of Jim Carrey GIFs.


My most popular blog post this month by far was Sending Yourself A Postcard: 22/31 Days of Blogging Challenge This post had double the amount of views than then the second most popular My Americamp Application: 7/31 Days of Blogging Challenge and don’t even get me started on how much better these two did on the rest of my top 10!

Now, I’m not really surprised by how much my travel posts are in this top 10. They’re my favourite to write and I know it’s a big industry. Honestly I would post them a lot more if I could! As you may remember from What Does My Future Hold?: 26/31 Days of Blogging Challenge, being a travel blogger is a big dream of mine and something I hope to one day be a career. Don’t worry though everyone, the second part of this year and most of next year will be FILLED with travel posts! I know it’s a wait, trust me, I wish it could be sooner too. But in the mean time, the blog will be filled will all sorts of plans for the travels as well as the usual creative writing and life/chatty posts you know and love.

I want you all to know that even though this challenge is over, I still want to post as much as possible and I’m still aiming for every day, I just won’t be kicking myself if I’m having a bad day and haven’t planned a post. I’ve loved the connection and communications I’ve been able to build up with you all and I’m looking forward to that expanding even more!

Tomorrow is 100% going to be a complete day off as I need to recharge my brain, but don’t worry, I’ll be back before you know it!



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