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You’re Not Alone: 30/31 Days of Blogging Challenge


When I was 11, I had my first holiday romance. It was beyond cheesy, but for two weeks we were the best of friends. We would hold hands around the resort and would push each other in the pool. In the evening, we played snooker and sipped on fruit juice mocktails. Then, at the end of the holiday, I bought us both bookmarks. They were the exact same of a night sky with a glittering moon at the top, and underneath were the words:

“Even if we’re miles apart, we still lie under the same sky, look at the same stars and stare at the same moon.”

I know, I know, pass the bucket, I need to throw up too!

Of course, the “relationship” didn’t go anywhere. How do you expect two kids to keep in touch when they live at opposite ends of the country and have no means of contact other than snail-mail, (which we were obviously far too lazy to be bothered with!)

No, this blog post isn’t about my dodgy pre-pubescent love stories, it’s about the quote that kept an 11 year old girl happy until summer ended and she started a new school with a ton more drama to keep her occupied. (We will get to that topic another day!)

The quote has stayed with me throughout my life, in good times and in bad. When I’m feeling happy and free, I can look at the moon and think about how beautiful our world is. When I’m feeling sad or lonely, I can look at the moon and know that someone, somewhere, is staring at it too and somehow I feel less alone.

Loneliness is something that hits us all, sometimes when we least expect it. It occurs when we are isolated and have no one to talk to, it can hit us in the middle of the night when we reach out and feel the chill in the covers, it can even hit us in the middle of a crowded room (which reminds me, if my super bad poetry hasn’t freaked you out yet after yesterday’s Reading Forgotten Words, I have actually written a poem called “Alone In A Crowded Room”….which I may or may not be happy to share with you depending on the responses I get!)

It’s hard to know how to deal with things when feelings of loneliness or isolation hit. You may want to just curl up in bed and cuddle pillows, or you can go and try to find some genuine human comfort. Keep yourself busy by asking old friends if they want to hang out, go and experience dating – or if you’re already dating, ask yourself (and your partner) if everything is working out. Maybe join a new evening class or even go out alone! If you meet someone in your favourite places then you already know you have something in common! Try to figure out where your feeling of loneliness began and what may have caused it and then see if you can fix the problem.

If things are feeling a bit too much, reach out to your local helplines such as Samaritans. Feel free to send me a message if you want to talk but are unsure about turning to a helpline.

But if all of that seems too much, then just look at the moon and know that truly, no one is ever alone.



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