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Girls Get Pink Shoes: 24/31 Days of Blogging Challenge

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The past few days at the gym haven’t been very successful. My shoes were pinching at the toes and rubbing at my heel. After 10 minutes on the crosstrainer, my feet couldn’t take it anymore and I had to skip the cardio to give myself a break. My trainers were just cheap things I had bought for a tenner from Amazon as I hadn’t been too keen on making a proper investment. However, I finally cracked at the pain and realised that I didn’t have a choice but to go and buy myself some proper shoes, so today I headed to town to sort my poor, blistered feet out.

I walked into the shop hesitantly, staring at the wall of shoes that towered over me. I usually don’t like shop assistants following me around, but this time I needed to admit that I may need a bit of help. Soon enough, my blank stares at multiple pairs of black trainers had a middle-aged, male assistant heading over to ask what I was looking for.

“Something I can wear to the gym but also for walking outside, possibly in the rain, maybe around £30?” (Yes I’m still keeping my price fairly low!) He smiled, knowingly, and said he would grab a couple of suggestions and bring them over for me to try on. He noted my size and off he went as I waited on the bench, watching people try on shoes around me.

Quickly, he returned, carrying with him two pairs of bright pink trainers. One with a purple sole, and the other with butterflies stitched on the side.

“Umm…I’m not sure about the pink.” I murmured awkwardly.

“Really? But they’ll suit a pretty little girl like you!” He replied with a grin.

I couldn’t keep the frown off my face as I stared at the shoes that looked like they were more suited to a kids birthday party than the gym. Sure, I like pink, I was actually wearing light pink Converses at the time so I guess that could have been where he got the idea that I would like pink trainers. He just seemed so put off that I was a girl who was not happy with the “pretty little shoes” he had chosen for me.

He eventually pulled off a pair of navy blue trainers off the shelf and with a doubtful look on his face he muttered, almost confused, “well, these would be okay but they’re not as girly?”

“They’re fine.” I smile, reaching out for the shoes. He shook his head and knelt down in front of me, grabbing my leg and whipping off my shoe and slipping the trainer onto my foot like I was some modern day Cinderella. “Go on, darling. Walk for me and tell me how that feels.”

I stood up and awkwardly walked forward a couple of steps, nodding. “Yea, they fit, thanks.”  He smiled at me and made a spinning gesture with his hand. “Go on, love. Keep going! Give us a twirl!”

I walked around the bench and sat back down. “They’re good, it’s okay.” He frowned and stared at the trainers for a moment. “I know!” he exclaimed, “let’s try them with an insole, you’ll like them more then.”

He grabbed a pair of blue insoles from the ‘try us on’ section and slipped them into the shoes. They were jelly-like and really comfy so after trying them on I said I wanted a pair. He grinned and said he would go and get an unopened packet and fit them into the trainers for me.

Moments later, he came back and showed me the boxed up trainers and their new insoles. Which were bright pink and purple. I wasn’t too fussed, it’s not like anyone was going to look inside my trainers and comment on how the insoles didn’t match the rest of the shoe, so I didn’t ask him to change them. I just don’t really understand what this guys obsession with me having something pink was? He seemed so genuinely confused that I preferred the blue shoes and when it came to the insoles, despite me trying on the blue pair that actually matched my shoe, he got me the pink pair to buy and even winked like he had done me this massive favour?

It’s not the end of the world I know, it just really bugged me that purely because I’m a female, this guy decided that something I wear to the gym had to be pink. I’m pretty convinced that if he was making a sale to a guy, the question of colour wouldn’t have even come up and he would have been focused on comfort, style, or brand. Nothing which seemed to be an issue for me as a female, as long as my shoes were pink, what does it matter?

Has this ever happened to you? Let me know in the comments!



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