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Drowning In Books: 20/31 Days of Blogging Challenge

drowning in a sea of booksI love books. I love the smell of the pages, both old and new. When you open a book and bury your nose into the pages, inhaling the sweet, musky smell that is similar to almonds and vanilla. The crinkle of paper as you flip open a new chapter. The different styles of cover art, designed specifically to catch the eye of its target audience.

Books are truly a way to escape from your life. To put yourself into another persons shoes, or even into another world. We find ourselves in the heads of characters both like us, and completely unlike us – yet every character we are able to find something in common with.


While my degree in Creative Writing did introduce me to some books and authors I had previously never heard of – but now love, it also put a bit of a stopper on my love of reading. I became inundated with assignments and reading lists full of books I wasn’t interested in. I became too stressed out to be able to enjoy reading; even to the point of going over some of my old favourites and zoning out because I was too busy thinking about the work I should be doing to properly focus.

This didn’t, however, stop my habit of buying the books I want to read. I went to uni with an absolute maximum of books I hadn’t read on my shelf being 5…I left with a number much closer, if not above, 50!

I’m slowly trying to make my way through my unread pile, one by one, since I finished my studies, but it’s almost like I’m trying to teach myself to read all over again. I’m struggling with long stories I would have breezed past in a day or two before, sometimes even putting down books after a couple of hours with a headache and then forgetting about them for a couple of weeks.

I bought the Game of Thrones set today from The Works as it was on sale from £65 down to £30. I’ve been excited to read these books for a while so it has been boosted ahead of some of the other books on my reading list but I still have a couple I’ve promised certain people I will read before I move on.

At the moment, the books in my queue are as follows:

  • Freshers by Lucy Ivison and Tom Ellen (which I am OH SO SLOWLY READING)
  • The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood
  • Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty (My friend bought me this for my birthday in November and honestly I feel awful for not having read this yet!)
  • 50,000 other books I have yet to read!

I will get there eventually and I look forward to the day I can get lost for hours in a book again, (hopefully, this isn’t just one of those sucky cons of adulthood and I will actually get there!)

If there’s anything else you feel like is a MUST READ for me, be sure to let me know and I’ll try read it at some point within the next 10 years!



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