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Music To My Pen: 14/31 Days of Blogging Challenge

We all have those songs, the special playlist of things we listen to when we are happy or sad. Whether we want to be angry at the world or whether we want to be inspired by it, we all have a song to make us feel the way we want to be feeling in that moment.

When it comes to my writing, I have 2 different playlists, one filled with fantasy instrumentals for when I REALLY need to focus and don’t want to risk singing along and losing track of my thoughts; and another filled with songs (with lyrics) that make me feel strong emotions or have already inspired one of my scenes. Here is that playlist below! (I add and remove songs occasionally so feel free to give any recommendations!)

The words run away with my brain, I listen to the melodies and I can see my characters fighting great monsters to something like SVRCINA’s ‘Meet Me On The Battlefield’, or maybe they’re ‘Running With The Wolves’ with AURORA. Other times they’re dancing along, sometimes falling into the arms of another I hadn’t expected, but the music carries them away so perfectly it seems stupid that I had never thought to put them together before.

The artist Fleurie has a song called Love and War, which, when listening to it, I was walking through the woods at night on the way home from work and all I could see were two of my female characters arguing (I can’t give too much away here for obvious reasons!) before passionately getting together. Honestly, I didn’t expect it but listening to the song it truly made a world of sense!

Do you have any songs that have changed your mood or even a plot of a novel? What is your go to song when you’re feeling powerful or sad?

I can’t wait to listen to your recommendations!



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