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Dream Diaries: 13/31 Days of Blogging Challenge

I’m lucky enough to remember my dreams. I’m even more lucky that most of my dreams are practically movies! Some dreams I remember for years, and some I have to write down the second I wake up and they lay in the notes section of my phone until I can figure out something more useful for them. Pretty much, every single one of my stories come from a dream.

This is both a gift and a curse. My imagination is amazing during the night, I dream of the most magical lands and characters, often in fully glittering colour. The inspiration I get from my dreams is truly out of this world. However, this often causes problems within my writing as so often I feel like what I have written doesn’t do the dream justice. Sometimes, my dreams have brilliant plots and characters, but when I write them down, I realise a lot of the physics doesn’t work and it can take me a long time to figure out the plot holes.

This is the problem I have with my story idea involving the seventh child of a seventh child (which you may have read about here, in my NaNoWriMo story debate post!) I dreamt a year or two ago of identical twin girls born as the seventh child, during the night, and one was taken away by a woman raising an army to get back to a land she was banished from. The dream then skipped to 17 years later and one of the girls is jumping into the River Thames in London, holding a glittering vile of something, while the woman ran towards her screaming. I woke up gasping just as the girl jumped and instantly began writing down what happened so that I wouldn’t forget. I’ve been working on writing this story since I’ve had the dream but the beginning and ending are so good, I feel I need something equally as amazing in the middle and, so far, none of my ideas have given the story the action and drama it deserves.

maxresdefaultSometimes, stories develop at lot quicker. For example, a short story I wrote while at university about a wannabe journalist who finds an ancient demonic vampire (think the skin peeling Gnarl from Buffy The Vampire Slayer!) This began as a horrifying nightmare for which, as soon as I woke up, I began writing the whole story and within 3 hours it was finished! (I also happened to get a 1st in this piece!)

My dreams are the core of my inspiration and where pretty much every story I’ve ever written has begun this way. I might start getting into the habit of posting my dreams on here if you’re interested? Although, you have to promise not to steal my ideas! 😉

Sleep tight,


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