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Goodbye Copenhagen!: 11/31 Days of Blogging Challenge!

DSC_0778.JPGHonestly, I don’t know how I am still awake. My last morning in Copenhagen went so slow; I was up pretty early as a lot of people were leaving today and personal alarms were going off from 4am, pulling people out of bed ready for their flights/buses out of the city. My own flight didn’t leave Copenhagen until 1.50pm so I had plenty of time to dilly-dally around. Poppy, the girl I had met from Australia, was getting the same flight as me back to London so it was really nice to be able to have someone to wait around the airport with. We chatted over smoothies about TV shows and music, I gave her recommendations for things to do/see in England and she spoke about the things she wanted to show me when I go to Australia at the end of the year.

A lot of people often talk about how expensive Denmark and a lot of other Scandinavian countries are, but honestly, I didn’t think it was that bad? Don’t get me wrong, a hot chocolate cost me roughly £5.50 which is a lot more than the normal £3.20 I might pay in Costa. However, my 3 nights stay in the hostel came to a total of £40, and the train from Copenhagen to Malmo was roughly £10 (which isn’t bad when you’re going to a whole other country!) One night, Poppy, Alisa, and I went into a Chinese buffet (I know, I know, In Copenhagen I ate Chinese. In Sweden I ate French. I’m just super multi-cultural, okay?!) The buffet cost about £9 each, however, if you wasted your food there was roughly an extra £6 charge which I thought was kind of weird, but suppose this helps to prevent food waste? I also spent about £35 on souvenirs, which included, 2 postcards (plus enough stamps for each to go to England), 2 miniature models (1 of a Viking ship, and 1 of the Nyhavn street), a snowglobe of The Little Mermaid, a keychain with the Denmark flag on one side and The Little Mermaid on the other, a magnet of the Nyhavn street, and finally a little Denmark flag badge. All in all, I think the prices weren’t too bad?

Being British, I have to talk about the weather. It was roughly 3°C the whole time I was there but it truly seemed colder! I had thick wooly socks under my furry insole leather boots, thermal underwear, jeans, a vest top, t-shirt, jumper, hoodie, coat, hat, gloves, and a scarf, yet I was STILL FREEZING! I mean, I’m guessing that Arctic ocean wind didn’t help at all, and it’s possible that seeing the frozen puddles, rivers, and just general chunks of ice floating made it feel worse. But damn. I’m surprised I still have my fingers and toes!

The architecture had a really mixed response from me. I felt horrible for thinking it, but I thought a lot of the buildings were fairly average and plain, I didn’t really understand when some people were exclaiming how gorgeous everything was because I was just seeing a lot of grey, boxy shapes. Don’t get me wrong, some were lovely! Like, I thought Frederik’s Church/The Marble Church looked really nice with the different shapes and carvings, and the ceiling inside truly was beautiful. I also loved the buildings along Nyhavn so much and took hundreds of pictures of this area alone! I don’t know, maybe I’m just too fancy for my own good? I’ll show you pictures soon once I’ve gone through them, but obviously I only really took pictures of the things I thought were pretty haha!

The people in Copenhagen were wonderfully friendly! I often heard them laughing as I walked around and they were all very nice and helpful. When I walked into a store, I was greeted by lovely, genuine smiles and didn’t feel at all rushed as I looked at the menus slowly, trying to figure out what everything was. In Copenhagen Central Station, I was spotted by someone who must have noticed how long I stood staring at the board of train departures and he quickly came over with a smile and asked where I was trying to go. He pulled out his phone and told me what times to trains were leaving and what platforms I could find each train.

All in all, I would probably visit Copenhagen again, I would love to come when it’s a bit warmer as I really wanted to have a look around Tivoli to see the place Walt Disney found inspiration, but unfortunately, it was closed at this time of year. There’s also a circular building that was completed in 1886 for the circus that I really wanted to have a look around. They also have dinner, shows, and clubnights held there occasionally so I would definitely go back to Copenhagen to experience that!

Anyway, I am in major need of some rest!

Goodbye, for now, Copenhagen!



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