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“Shall We Go To Sweden For Brunch?”: 10/31 Days of Blogging Challenge

Have you ever said something that sounded so crazily upper class that you had to stop and really think about whether those words had genuinely just come out of your mouth? I couldn’t help but laugh when I turned to one of the girls in my dorm after hearing her mention Sweden and asked her if she fancied going to Sweden with me for brunch. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever even said ‘brunch’ seriously before!

img_1703If you didn’t already know, I’m in Copenhagen at the moment. It’s the lovely, if not cold, capital city of Denmark which just so happens to be linked with Malmö in Sweden by the Øresund Bridge. The bridge cuts across the ocean and it takes about 20/30 minutes to travel between the two cities. Because of this, it’s pretty common for people to just hop on the train and head for a visit for a day.

I thought it would be silly not to use this opportunity to cross another European country off my list so I grabbed my passport and with my new Aussie friend, Poppy, we decided to head over to Sweden this morning!

I was super surprised by how each it was. So easy, it didn’t even really feel like we were going to a different country. We bought our tickets at the station the same way you would to go anywhere else on the train and then we jumped on board. The only difference was that on the way into Sweden as the train was halfway over the bridge, a ticket inspector came through and asked to have a look at our passports.

img_1709When we arrived in Malmö, the first thing we did as any self-respecting beauty lover would do, we Googled instructions on how to get to LUSH! I LOVE the Lush cosmetic store in England and I’m in there all the time sampling the products and coming out as a shimmery human bath bomb. One of my favourite products is the Bubblegum Lip Scrub which I use several times a day. It just so happens on my trip to Copenhagen, I FORGOT MY LIP SCRUB! “That’s cool,” I thought, “gives me an excuse to buy a new one!” However, OF COURSE! I find out that there isn’t a Lush in Copenhagen! The closest Lush is in Malmö…Okay, so I admit, maybe me suggesting brunch to Poppy wasn’t JUST about crossing off a new country and getting some food – I may have genuinely just wanted NEEDED to go to Lush! It all turned out well as I bought myself a new Chocolate Lip Scrub, a product called “Tooth Fairy” which is like a powdered toothpaste, and a purple lip balm.

img_1721img_1747After Lush, we were seriously in the mood for some food so we wandered down the high street until we found a little French cafe called Le Croissant. We went inside and I ordered a most AMAZING hot chocolate made with melted dark chocolate, hazelnut syrup, hot milk, and cream drizzled with chocolate. I struggled to order food as the menus were either Swedish or French but I spotted the words ‘BBQ Pork’ and decided to trust that it would be something I would like. I’m still not 100% what the food was in the end but it was seriously nice!

After eating, we decided to head towards Malmö Castle (Malmöhus slott.) Inside the castle, there was a whole range of exhibitions and museums, including an aquarium! I thought this was a pretty strange idea but at the same time it was brilliant as we were able to explore an Aquarium, a reptile room, a dinosaur/extinct creatures exhibit, an art gallery, and the castle, without having to travel all over the country!

I managed to get quite a few good pictures of the animals/castle while in Malmö which I’m sure you’ll see in the coming weeks as I get around to properly going through them all.

img_1741During our exploration of the castle, I find myself wanting to ask you all if you believe in ghosts? I do, I always have done having been convinced I often saw them around my house as a child. The reason I ask is while Poppy and I were exploring, we were alone. There was no one on guard and all the other tourists seemed to just be within the aquarium. We were wandering around and actually starting to wonder if we were accidentally in some sort of restricted area as there were no longer any exhibits, some were half taken down and there were just random objects seemingly left scattered around on the floor. We were looking down these stone castle stairs, trying to figure out if we were allowed down there or not as it truly looked deserted, however, there were also no “forbidden” signs. I decided I wanted to at least see how far down they went and skipped down the first 3/4 steps went all of a sudden there was a very echoey scream –  seemingly from a woman somewhere within the depts of the castle – where we had read that prisoners that had been held in centuries ago were once executed. Poppy and I very quickly realised that we had both heard the scream and that our fear wasn’t making us imagine things! Sure enough, we scarpered pretty quickly and as it was now fairly late, we decided to get the train back to Copenhagen!

Tomorrow, I have to head back to London and honestly, I’m so upset. The trip has really opened my eyes in more ways than one and I wish I could stay longer! I just have to remember that this is only the beginning of my adventures though and I have a whole world out there to see!

Until tomorrow, guys!



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