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Exploring Copenhagen: 9/31 Days of Blogging

My first night in a hostel went surprisingly well. This is probably what I’ve been the most nervous about when it comes to solo travel. Staying in a room with total strangers in bunk beds. My bed here at Urban House is actually super comfy. When you arrive, there are fresh sheets, a pillow, duvet, and a towel folded up ready for you; the pillow is big and fluffy and the bed has a memory foam topper which makes everything pretty snuggly. The only thing I don’t like about my bed is that I have a top bunk and whenever I go up the ladder, I feel like my weight will tip the whole bed over. (Thankfully this hasn’t happened!)

My dorm is an 8-bed, female only room, but there are only 5 of us in here. While I know most people considering hostels are scared of staying with strangers and are put off the idea, after experiencing it I honestly really recommend it! Besides the cheapness, it’s actually so cool staying with strangers. All of us in this room are from different countries and it’s so interesting getting to know these girls from around the world (Australia, China, Italy, and Russia.)

Last night, I got up to head downstairs to find some food. I packed my kindle thinking it would give me something to do while I ate alone but there was really no need for it. Alisa, the girl from Russia, jumped up and asked where I was heading and when I answered with “food”, she asked to come along. We went to the bar downstairs to get something to eat and totally bonded over The Greatest Showman and chatted for ages about music and our favourite Harry Potter Characters.

After eating, we decided to go for a walk and were joined by Poppy, the girl from Australia. We wandered around the streets for roughly an hour and a half talking about our countries and travels.

After we got back, we settled for the night. I had a shower in our dorm bathroom and was pleasantly surprised by the warmth and pressure of the water. Soon after, I curled into bed and we turned the main lights off. Each bed had its own mini reading lights so some of the girls kept these on but it really wasn’t that bad. I feel asleep quickly ready for the next day.


This morning I woke up around 8.30am which again, I was pretty surprised about as I thought I would be up at the crack of dawn.

Alisa and I had decided the night before to go on the free walking tour of Copenhagen that is advertised all around Urban House. It started at 11am in the main square so we got ready slowly and strolled over to a little Danish coffee house where I grabbed a dreamy hot chocolate and a (so annoyed I don’t remember the name of this as it was super nice!) fluffy mini bread loaf with chocolate chips in it.

The tour was held by a lovely Canadian woman who had travelled the world before settling in Copenhagen 4 years ago to become a tour guide, purely because she loved the city so much. It lasted about 3 hours with a 20 minute coffee break in the middle.

  • Here is what the tour covers:
  • • Copenhagen Town Hall
  • • Tivoli Gardens
  • • Danish Royal Palace
  • • The Marble Church
  • • Picturesque Nyhavn harbour
  • • Hans Christian Andersen
  • • Absalon – Warrior Bishop
  • • Nazi Occupation
  • • WWII Resistance
  • • World’s oldest royal family
  • • Strøget shopping mile
  • • Nytorv
  • • Gammeltorv
  • • Kongens Nytorv
  • • Danish Parliament
  • • The Royal Danish Theater
  • • Copenhagen Opera House

The tour guide told us so many stories about each place and pointed out so many interesting things to see. I love the royal family in England, but I know how private they all are (understandably so to be honest!) So it was really interesting and surprising to learn that the Danish royal family have their palace within public grounds and will openly leave their home and walk around town like any other person. Our tour guide told us how last time she was here she saw Prince Frederik leaving the palace and heading towards the shops wearing a pair of cargo trousers and Princess Mary is often seen heading out on her bike to pick her children up from school.

Another story the tour guide told us about was a legend of a woman who fell in love with a merman and lived in the sea with him, having several children together. However, she grew to miss the land, so she left him and their children. There is a statue underwater showing the merman and their children reaching up to the land, begging for her to return to them.


I hope I’ve helped to ease your worries on hostels if you had any before. I also hope I’ve given a good impression of Copenhagen if you’ve never had a chance to visit. It really is a lovely, happy country!

Once again, hunger is getting the best of me so I’m about to head off and hunt down some food but I will talk to you all tomorrow about my day travels!




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