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First Time Solo Traveller: 8/31 Days of Blogging Challenge!


I almost cannot believe that I’m actually here! It’s been a long old day but I’m finally on my bed writing to you from Copenhagen!

img_1639img_1638I left my house in London at 7.30am, bundled in all my layers that wouldn’t fit into my backpack. My train to Victoria was supposed to leave at 7.54am but of course it was delayed leading to me to have to run for my coach to make sure I didn’t miss it!

The coach journey was pretty chill. I had The Greatest Showman soundtrack blaring out while we sped down the motorway towards Luton Airport.

My flight was at 1.20pm and since I had no baggage to check in, I sped through the departures gate and had a looooong wait at Starbucks for my flight.



The flight itself was okay. I’m not massively keen on flying if I’m honest and doing this alone was pretty difficult.

Eventually, I arrive in Copenhagen. Passport control was simple, a smiling woman checked my ID and out I went following the signs to the train station. I accidentally went down to the platform without buying a ticket so had to wander back up to try to find where to get one. Pretty quickly I spotted the machines and thankfully there was an option to translate to English. I bought my ticket and headed back down to the platform.

img_1668The next challenge was to figure out what train to get. I skipped boarding a couple because I found it hard to figure out if it went via Copenhagen Central or not. Eventually, I decided that this is an adventure and I just need to hop on a train otherwise I will be here all night!

Thankfully, the train stopped at the right place and I stepped out into the chilly Copenhagen night air. Using Google Maps, I tried to hurry my walk as I was down to 12% battery. Me being me however, I still somehow managed to walk the wrong way. Obviously I eventually noticed that the little blue dot on the map was going to wrong way so I had to turn and go back…Just as my phone decided to die on 10%!

img_1665I tried to stay calm as I didn’t want to look like an easily manipulated, stranded tourist. I walked in the direction I knew I should be going and kept my eye on a group of girls with backpacks on. During the walk, I went past the famous Tivoli Gardens which Walt Disney based his parks on.

Finally, I spotted the glowing Urban House sign and hurried towards to hostel. I found my dorm and so far I’ve met 3 really friendly girls from Australia, China, and Russia! The place looks pretty cool and I’m really excited to explore but right now, I need to go find something to eat!



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