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My Americamp Application: 7/31 Days of Blogging Challenge

This summer, I plan to begin the adventure of my lifetime. I’ve wanted to travel for as long as I can remember but, as I’ve spoken about before, there’s always been something stopping me.

Today, I made the video for my Americamp application. If you don’t know what Americamp is, it’s basically a company that helps you to find work on a children’s camp in America. Check out their website here.

There are loads of different companies that you can do this with, Camp America being one of the most popular. However, Americamp is amongst one of the highest paying companies you can choose to work with.

I’ve actually started my application for Americamp 4 times before but I’ve never been brave enough to finalise it. This year, being my big year of adventure, it seemed silly not to give it a go.

The application process has been crazy easy, just a case of filling in a load of boxes, answering questions about yourself and why you think you should be chosen to work on camp. Everything is crazy organised and the Americamp team are super helpful and friendly! After filling in the main section of my application, I had a Skype interview with a lovely girl called Jade who had completed Americamp herself last year. She went through my application with me and gave me some great ideas of points to expand on and what to put in my video.

Honestly, the video was a bit terrifying to do, trying to cram everything into such a short space of time and remember all the information you have to give. At the end of the day though, the hardest bit about my application has been getting people to fill out the skills/references on behalf of me. While I’m super excited and trying to get everything done, other people may not share the same excitment, especially when they have lots of their own important work to be done!

It’s all good though! All my stage two things are complete and submitted, ready to be sent off to the camp directors. It’s just over 2 weeks until the camp fair in London so hopefully, within 2 weeks I’ll be placed! I’ll let you know when that happens of course!

For now, feel free to check out my application video! (Please, be kind!)



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