50 Things About Me: 3/31 Days of Blogging Challenge!

1. Full name

Natalie Patricia Brittain

2. Zodiac sign

Scorpio (November 5th)

3. 3 fears

Heights. Spiders. Zombies (I know they’re not real but they freak me out!)

4. 3 things I love

Musicals, writing, happiness.

5. My best friend

I don’t think I have a best friend, instead, I have many close friends.

6. Last song I listened to

Technically it was the last song in The Greatest Showman…but on the way to the cinema I had Mongrels by Michael Malarkey playing.

7. 3 Turn ons

Guna play the innocent card here 😉 Humour, Kindness…Okay fine, I love a good butt 😂

8. 3 Turn offs

Lack of hygiene, rudeness, no ambition

9. What colour underwear I’m wearing right now


10. How many tattoos/piercings do I have

I have 2 tattoos (although one was touched up so kinda 3?) and 8 piercings? (I’ve taken some out over time)

11. The reason I started blogging

I’ve wanted to for a long time but it was a university assignment that pushed me into making a blog

12. How I feel right now

Happy! I just watched an amazing film with an awesome friend and we are currently chilling in the pub (hence the late posting!)

13. Something I really really want

After watching a The Greatest Showman my automatic answer was Hugh Jackman or Zac Efron, 😂 however, I also want to say I want my writing career to take off so I can afford a nice apartment and to be able to travel…

14. My current relationship status


15. Meaning behind my URL

Writers things I love 😝

16. My favourite movie

Usually, I would say Hook but right now I’m LIVING for The Greatest Showman!

17. My favourite song

Would it be too obvious to say right now it’s The Greatest Show? 😂 I don’t know, to be honest, I change my mind every day!

18. My favourite band

Again this changes a lot? I could list a load

19. 3 Things that upset me

Goodbyes, rude people and the self-centeredness of today’s world

20. 3 Things that make me happy

Sunshine, a great conversation, and travelling

21. What I find attractive in other people

Good manners, humour and a smile on their faces

22. Someone I miss

My Grandad

23. Someone I love

My Family and friends (and Anna Kendrick, I love you, baby! 😂)

24. My relationship with my parents

it’s had its moments 😂 overall they’re wonderfully supportive people and I’m incredibly grateful to them for everything!

25. My favourite holiday

Christmas! Hands down my favourite time. I love the togetherness of everyone buying gifts and spending time together. I love the lights and decorations and I’m so into cheesy Christmas songs!

26. My closest blogging friends

That would be the usual 3 girls I tag in my posts! Chloe-Mai here, Patsy here, and Amber here! (Girls, I’m officially tagging you to complete this yourselves!)

27. Someone famous I’d date

I can’t just choose one 😂 Anna Kendrick, Ryan Reynolds, Zac Efron, literally any Hemsworth brother 😜

28. A confession

I cry at everything from adverts, to songs, movies, wedding videos. Happy or sad I cry literally so much 😂

29. 3 Things that annoy me easily

lying, being ignored, people who make everything about themselves

30. My favourite animals

wolves, penguins, elephants

31. My pets

none 😦

32. One thing I’ve lied about

I am a terrible liar, so I think my biggest lies have been telling people ‘I’m on my way’ when actually I’m just getting out of the shower.

33. Something that’s currently worrying me

My future? I’m sort of winging everything at the moment. I guess I always thought I would get married and have kids pretty young but by the time I’ve done the bulk of my travelling I’ll probably be 24/25 and then I have to meet someone and get to know them? It’s not a big thing and I’m excited to travel but it’s just weird that everything I’ve ever assumed about my 20’s is going very differently than expected!

34. An embarrassing moment

There are too many ..

35. Where I work


36. Something that’s constantly on my mind

Writing! My unfinished stories and posts I need to write…

37. 3 Habits I have

I’m AWFUL when it comes to biting my nails! It’ll be going so well but as soon as I’m anxious I start chewing on my fingers without even thinking about it!

Every morning I wake up and scroll through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and emails before I even get out of bed.

Daydreaming! I can honestly slip into a daydream and before I know it an hour has gone by!

38. My future goals

I want to be able to make a living from my writing. I don’t care about fame and fortune but I want to be able to afford to live solely on being a writer. I desperately want to have my own office/library at my house one day! I also want to marry someone kind, funny, and who absolutely adores me and any future kiddywinks we may have 😝

39. Something I fantasise about

My books being made into movies, a magical wedding, beautiful and funny children, travelling the whole world!

40. My favourite store

Lush or Waterstones!

41. My favourite food

Thai food.

42. What I did yesterday

I went to the gym, did a load of writing, planned my AmeriCamp video.

43. Something I’m talented at

Sleeping 😜

44. My idea of the perfect date

Driving out to somewhere you can see the stars with a load of blankets, pillows, and wine. Playing a bit of music and getting to know each other’s souls.

45. My sexuality

If I’m honest, I don’t really like that so many labels are thrown around. In my eyes, if I fall in love with someone – whether male or female – then I fall in love with them? The response to this is usually “so your bisexual or pansexual then?” I usually just shrug and say “yea I guess?” I don’t really think about labels too much it’s always just kinda like “wow that person is hot!” Or “I really like this persons humour/personality – I would deffo date them!” You can put a label on it if you want and say I’m whatever you like but I just see it as loving a person for who they are, not what they are.

46. My favourite blog

I have to be biased and say the girls I tagged above 😂

47. Number of kids I want

This changes a lot. I used to say 4 (2 boys and 2 girls so that each child could have a brother and a sister) sometimes I want 2…at the moment I just kinda want to go all Gilmore Girl and have 1 daughter and raise her alone 😂

48. Do I smoke/drink

As mentioned above, I’m currently in a pub and sipping on a double Malibu and Diet Pepsi – so yes, I drink 😂

49. One word that describes me


50. My favourite quote

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.” – Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)

There you have it guys, 50 questions about me. If you have any further questions you would like to ask me, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP!



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