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NaNoWriMo Prep and The Great First Novel Debate!

Wooly scarfs and hats are making an appearance, frost and orange leaves litter the ground, nights are getting longer…and all around the globe, writers are uncurling their fingers, cracking their necks, and sipping their steaming mugs of tea as they settle down in front of their laptops for the magical month of November. Yes, ladies and gentlefolk, National Novel Writing Month has returned once again!

While I’ve never taken part specifically in NaNoWriMo before, I’ve always felt the excitement in the air as everyone dusts off their thinking caps to take part in the biggest and most communal writing event ever. Mentally, I’ve always taken part. Wishing I had the time to dedicate myself to something that celebrates the thing I love most in the world: Writing. This year, while I’m probably busier than ever, I’m learning to manage my time a bit more and plus, being my first year out of education, I feel like I’m at the perfect point to get the train rolling on my first full-length novel!

Trying to organise my life in Costa today!

However, I’m a bit stuck over which idea I want my first novel to be; so I’ve come to you guys to ask for some help! I have two ideas, the first is a story I’ve been on and off writing for around 8 years and the second for about a year. Both ideas developed during my time at University and both mean an awful lot to me. I’m pretty desperate to write both but I need to fully immerse myself in one story in order to write it properly – especially for something as big as NaNoWriMo. So! Here goes…

Idea One:

Erin, the daughter of a Fey King (Aelfric) and a woman (Nim) from a clan of magic hating vikings. She has the power to control the elements unlike her two older brothers, Alistair and Jude. The family have been in hiding since Nim and Aelfric were married as their relationship cause outrage between the Mythics (magical creatures) and the vikings. Over the years, Nim and Jude have begun to grow resentment over magic and when the family are discovered by a group of Fey fugitives, Alistair is killed and Nim chooses to blame Erin. After running away from home, Erin is soon captured by a group of hunting vikings where she is taken to the city which, unlike her father had told her, is no longer run by the Mythics but by Nim’s sister, Hertha – A woman who wants to destroy all magical creatures.

Idea Two:

Legend says, when the seventh child of a seventh child is born, they will have untold powers. On the 7th July 1842, nestled in the heart of London, where everyone other than the Clarke family has fallen into an entranced sleep, a girl with 6 older sisters is born. Seconds later, she is ripped from her dying mothers arms by a witch who is raising an army and taken away from her family. Moments after that, her identical twin sister, Octavia, is born. 17 years later, London is excited as the first chime of Big Ben will be heard. Not far away, in an underground lair, a group of magical children and their leader are too preparing for the chimes of Big Ben as a portal to another world begins to open.

So guys, what do we think? Idea one, or idea two? Get voting and help me decide where tomorrow begins!

Talk soon!

Natalie x

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