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NaNoWriMo Prep and The Great First Novel Debate!

Wooly scarfs and hats are making an appearance, frost and orange leaves litter the ground, nights are getting longer...and all around the globe, writers are uncurling their fingers, cracking their necks, and sipping their steaming mugs of tea as they settle down in front of their laptops for the magical month of November. Yes, ladies… Continue reading NaNoWriMo Prep and The Great First Novel Debate!

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I Can’t Breathe

Panic attacks. They take over your mind and your body, wrapping around you tighter and tighter until you feel suffocated and can’t breathe. It’s a similar feeling to when I was a kid and I was swimming in a river. My foot got tangled in some seaweed and was holding me back. As I tried… Continue reading I Can’t Breathe

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Learning To Write Again…

Someone looked at my blog this morning. I don't know anything about this person other than they were in the United Kingdom when something made them click on the link to my homepage. That's the joy of the stats page here on WordPress. We can see how many people have viewed which pages of our… Continue reading Learning To Write Again…