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A Swift Surprise!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’ll know that Taylor Swift has been playing with the minds of everyone on social media.

When all of her accounts went blank (space 😉) on Friday, the world went insane. Had the worlds most popular female singer been hacked? Was she reinventing herself? Was she replacing Steve Bannon as Trump’s new chief strategist? (Cause lets face it, the girl certainly can strategise!)

Then on Monday, a dark shadowy video of a snakes tail posted on each of her accounts went viral and Swifties proved just how easy detective work can be when you’re crazy!

Theories flew around the internet about the possible meaning of the video with fans researching snakes, to the current (at the time) eclipse, to old drama and outfits from 2015.

More (unhelpful) clues followed yesterday a video of a snake’s midsection was uploaded and again 4 hours ago when a video of a snakes head followed suit. Finally, just an hour ago, with everyone screaming in frustration, we were graced with the information on Taylor’s new album, ‘Reputation’ which will be filling shelves on November 10th and the first single which will be released TOMORROW! *hyperventilates*

So, to celebrate the news on this upcoming release, here (in no particular order) are my top ’10’ favourite Taylor Swift songs!

#1 Tim McGraw

#2 Our Song

#3 White Horse

#4 The Best Day

#5 Mean

#6 We Are Never Getting Back Together

#7 22

#8 I Knew You Were Trouble

#9 Shake It Off

#10 Blank Space

#BONUSTRACK I have to mention ‘Thug Story’ too cause that song’s just hilarious 😂

So guys, do we share any favourite songs? Let me know down in the comments!


P.s. Taylor, if you see this, your concert tickets are crazy expensive! Help a girl out? 😜

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