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Spa Weekend!

It twas the night before spa day and all through the house,
Natalie was squealing, she sound like a mouse!
She packed up her clothes all folded with care,
With the hope that no creases would be formed while in there.
She nestled down softly all safe in her bed
While visions of pampering dancing in her head…

Hello, my lovelies!

I hope you’re all feeling as relaxed as I am!

As part of a congratulations celebration for completing my degree, my mum decided to treat us to a weekend at The Hilton Hotel and Spa! It’s been a wonderful day so I thought I would HAVE to give you a play by of the day so far!

Saturday 5th August 2017

– 5.30am
*looks at clock and is happy to see I have another 2 hours in bed*

– 6am
*wakes up and thinks I must have slept through alarm only to see that just half an hour has passed*

– 6.30am
*and again*

– 6.45am
*and again*

– 7am
*and again…*

– 7.05am
*gives up waiting and gets out of bed*

I’m guessing by now you can see I was VERY excited about this spa weekend! You see, I’ve never done the whole mother-daughter away for a girly weekend thing…heck, I’ve never even been to a spa!

My coach to Heathrow was at 8.45am so I had plenty of time to wander idly around the house worry about forgetting something I needed and stressing about what the massage therapist would think about my back fat. Soon enough, however, it was time to leave my house and head to the coach station. One of the things about living in the countryside is how eerily quiet everything is in the morning. As my boyfriend, Charlie, drove me to town I leaned out the window and marveled at how beautiful the world is when you wake up before 12pm and don’t need to go to work.

Eventually, we arrived at the coach stop where I jumped out the car and waved over enthusiastically to Charlie who looked like he was more excited to go back to sleep and have the bed to himself than anything! ๐Ÿ™„

As I sat twiddling my thumbs, waiting for my coach to arrive with a couple of other eager looking people with suitcases, I tried to ignore the glares from retailers heading to work who clearly wish that they too could be getting a coach somewhere nice on their weekend instead of working. (Ex-Sainsburys staff here. IM SORRY GUYS!!!)

Soon the coach arrived and after awkwardly showing the “wrong” part of my ticket to a stroppy coach driver, I shuffled to the back where the only free seats were next to the toilets and a guy with a MASSIVE flask of coffee. The next hour passed swiftly as I plugged in my headphones in to listen to my weird mixture of musical numbers, 80’s rock, and 00’s pop with a bit of modern day indie chucked randomly into a playlist; I prayed that the guys’ bowels were handling the coffee.

As the coach pulled up to the bus station at Heathrow Airport, I hurried down the aisle away from the coffee guy who was now beginning to look a bit uncomfortable! Onto the pavement, I pushed through the crowd of bubbling holiday-goers until I spotted my mum and skipped over to join her.

“Have to get the bus” she told me after releasing me from her arms. As we waited by the bus stop we joked about how our bus made a stop at the Holiday Inn before taking us to our ‘grown up’ destination at the Hilton Hotel. “We deserve to be fancy after finishing these degrees!” We thought proudly.

We turned up to the hotel, and OF COURSE it is totally beautiful and we feel like royalty. We head to the spa desk and are greeted by some lovely women whose eyebrows look like they belong on Instagram. We are given our robes, towels, and slippers and are shown the dressing room. Once changed, we headed upstairs to the consultation room which smelt AMAZING! Filled with incense and different teas next to big squishy armchairs, we settled down with a cup of camomile tea and I looked at the different spa treatments. From facials to scrubs they had it all! I eventually settled on the 30 minute ‘Hot Rock Treatment’ while my mum went for the ‘Raindrop massage’.

Once in the treatment room, I was given a disposable mesh brief as my swimming costume was too restrictive…and let me tell you, that thing was the definition of ‘brief’! Awkwardly I tried and failed to cover my butt with the flimsy mesh material before slipping under the towel and buried my head in the face rest while trying to relax.

Luckily, the massage was very dignified and the towel was adjusted with each different body part that was being treated, however, there were a couple of “woah” moments where my eyes were very capable of popping out in shock! ๐Ÿ˜‚

The oil and stones were a wonderful temperature and although there were a couple of moments I felt sure would leave bruises, the overall massage was super relaxing and has really helped my back, legs, and shoulders.

After the massage we headed to the spa where we were able to try out a salt room (helps the immune system, clears headaches and sinuses) and two different saunas. A herb sauna which, although made my face felt like it was on fire, felt rather nice; and an aromatherapy room which I couldn’t even walk into out of choking! The spa also had a decent sized swimming pool with plenty of hot water jets that added to the back pain relief.

There’s still plenty of time for us here and we have dinner and breakfast planned too (as well as a few cheeky cocktails!) but I won’t ramble on any longer. I have some relaxing to do!! Check out and follow my Instagram n.p.brittain for pictures of the weekend!
Thanks for reading!

Natalie x

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