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Tweeting For Twits

Posting for the second day in a row?! Am I okay?! #Sendhelpithinkimawriter!


Did you miss me? If you follow my Twitter account @NP_Brittain I’ll be very surprised if you’ve had the time to miss me! As you may have noticed, the past 24 hours has become a slight writing spam from Facebook and Instagram, to this very blog.

You see, last night, I was sitting in my newly-moved-into home, listening as the rain tap danced away on my conservatory roof. The sound was so soothing it reminded me of the yoga soundtracks I would play when trying to finish a uni assignment at 4am while huddled in a corner of the library. It reminded me of my poor abandoned blog that I was encouraged to start a mere 4 months ago. A blog that was supposed to help me build a fan base who would be eagerly awaiting my first novel. A novel whose notes have been sobbing in the bottom of a moving box, wondering if they would ever see the sunlight again.

As the army of tap-dancing rain drops pitter-pattered on my roof, I began to open some boxes. Coughing as the plumes of dust raced out of its dark enclosure, I slowly weaved through hundreds of crumpled notebooks and loose pieces of paper. Three years worth of ideas for stories and poems flooded back into my brain, pushing away the many negative feelings of doubt and despair that have plagued me recently.

Don’t forget us! Expand me! Fix my plot hole! Write me, write me, write me!


While unmuddling all of my muddled thoughts from the past three years, I remembered my Twitter account, which along with the blog, had also be left with a strong feeling of abandonment. I began to browse through the one aspect of media I have little experience with and noticed that many of my writer buddies had picked up a fair amount of followers in the time I had been away. Although incredibly proud of their hard work, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit left behind, like the Grandma of my writing group struggling to cope with the speed of technology.

“You need to learn about writers hashtags.” Pointed out the ‘Mommy’ of my writers’ group chat, (on Facebook, of course!) Writers hashtags? “There’s a #writerstellme one that gets used for all sorts.”

With my unmuddling-muddled mind, I head to my favourite place on the internet, GOOGLE, and I gets-a Googling!

  • #AmWriting
  • #AmEditing
  • #WordCount
  • #WriterWednesday (or #WW)
  • #WritersLife
  • #YALitChat
  • #LitChat (every M/W/F)
  • #MemoirChat (every other Wednesday at 8 pm ET)
  • #BookMarket (Thursday’s at 4 pm ET)
  • #ScriptChat (Screenwriters)
  • #PoetTues
  • #ZineChat
  • #WritingParty
  • #IndieAuthors
  • #WriteChat
  • #NaNoWriMo
  • #WANA (We Are Not Alone community)
  • #PBLitChat (Picture books only)
  • #RomanceWriter
  • #SciFiChat
  • #KidLitChat
  • #RWA (Romance Writers of America)
  • #ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers)
  • #MGLit (Middle Grade Lit)
  • #SCBWI (Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators)
  •  #MemoirChat
  • #FlashFic
  • #Romance
  • #Horror
  • #FanFic
  • #YA
  • #History
  • #Biopic
  • #WritingTip
  • #WriteTip
  • #GetPublished
  • #BookMarket
  • #BookMarketing
  • #PromoTip
  • #SelfPublishing
  • #SelfPub
  • #Publishing
  • #AskAgent
  • #AskAuthor
  • #AskEditor
  • #EBooks
  • #IndiePub (or #IndiePublishing)
  • #BookMarketing
  • #PubTip
  • #WritingPrompt
  • #StoryStarter
  • #WordAThon
  • #Creativity
  • #WIP (work in progress)
  • #1K1H (write one thousand words in one hour)
  • #FridayReads
  • #BookGiveaway
  • #MustRead
  • #LitChat
  • #StoryFriday
  • #MustRead
  • #TeaserTues
  • #BookGiveaway
  • #FreeBook
  • #FreeDownload
  • #Kindle
  • #Nook

This isn’t even half of the hashtags out there and it just goes to show what a ginormous community of writers there are in the world of Twitter. I may be a bit of a twit when it comes to Twitter but I’m sure I’ll be a regular #tweeter in no time! Let me know if you have any favourite #hashtags!

Talk soon!

Natalie x



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