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Figuring Out What Happiness Is To You

Happy New Year m'dears! I kicked off 2019 having the best time dancing away in a kinda shitty club in Perth, Australia. Why was it shitty? Because it was pretty empty and filled with more than enough of its fair share of sleazy old guys. So, how did I have the best time? Because once… Continue reading Figuring Out What Happiness Is To You

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A Day of Touring the Living and the Dead: New Orleans Part Two

Here’s a shocker for my fellow British people – did you know it’s pronounced New Or-linz? Apparently, it’s only British people and those who are wrong who pronounce it New Or-leans! (No idea why us British get lenience here but I won’t complain!) On our second day in New Orleans, we headed back to the… Continue reading A Day of Touring the Living and the Dead: New Orleans Part Two

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Voodoo, Beignets, and Steamboats: New Orleans Part One

The first full day of travel in America took me to one of the top spots of my bucket list. The home of jazz and superstition, New Orleans. I’ve wanted to go to this city for many years. Much of my novel writings have a heavy influence in the magical world of voodoo, witchcraft, vampires,… Continue reading Voodoo, Beignets, and Steamboats: New Orleans Part One

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Fireworks and Speedboats: Chicago Travels!

Chicago! Chicagooooooo! It's a city that’s exciting! It's a city that’s inviting It's a city for a woman just like me! There's a lake they call Lake Michigan! I think I'm really fitting in! This city is my perfect cup of Teaaaaaaaaaaa! Chicago! Chicagooooooooooooo! Dragging along bags bigger than our bodies, with grins plastered on… Continue reading Fireworks and Speedboats: Chicago Travels!

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The Return of NaNoWriMo!

Honestly, I cannot believe that it is November already, but here we are, almost done with the year and writers all over the world are ready to start our newest creations. I began National Novel Writing Month last year as the outside English air turned crisp and chill with the smell of bonfires and pumpkin… Continue reading The Return of NaNoWriMo!

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Saying Goodbye To Camp

Eleven months ago, I started my annual application to Americamp with the assumption I would probably once again not submit. For five years I’ve been dreaming of working on a summer camp with kids in America, yet every year I’ve been too scared to actually press the submission button. This year, however, something was different;… Continue reading Saying Goodbye To Camp

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“Find Your Happy” | Where Have I Been?

The sun beat down on my already tanned skin as I wandered around the deserted dirt roads. Dust kicked up into clouds around my feet as I floated past farms and factories, my headphones masking the distant hum of electricity from packing machines. I constantly flicked between two playlists on Spotify; my Writers playlist and… Continue reading “Find Your Happy” | Where Have I Been?

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Apparently I Drink Coffee Now?

As my time at camp rolled around to an end, I feel as though I can finally say I feel like a real writer. No, not because I've been writing a lot here (cause...I totally have...I swear) but because I'm finally drinking coffee. I've always been super anti-coffee. I hate the smell and the taste,… Continue reading Apparently I Drink Coffee Now?

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The First Few Days…

It's been a while and now I don't know where to begin. I knew I wanted to keep you all updated on this journey as much as humanly possible, but it's been over a month now since I touched down into this crazy new world and I feel as though I've been non-stop moving ever… Continue reading The First Few Days…

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2 Weeks To Go! | My One-Way Adventure!

The panic set in yesterday. "So much to do, so little time" is a phrase that suddenly became a reality for me. Don't get me wrong, I think I can do it, it's just a lot to process that I'm about to go away and not know when I'm coming back. I was saying to… Continue reading 2 Weeks To Go! | My One-Way Adventure!